Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oooh lala Oolong!

Well, I did try a new oolong after all - the one I bought in Halifax two weekends ago at the Mulan Chinese Cultural shop - that's not the exact name but close. It's called Golden Oolong - oh my! It's a bright yellow in the cup and very sweet and fragrant - like gardenias. The best tea I've had in a while - and I was a little worried about it since I tend to prefer oolongs closer to the green end of the spectrum rather than the darker one and at first glance, this one did look dark. But today, the light was better and I could see plenty of dark green in the rolled up leaves - which opened up into huge leaves once the 190 F water hit it. Very choice and all in all, not that expensive. $8 for 30 g - 1 teaspoon in my Beehouse gave me three cups and then I filled up the teapot again and got another, albeit weaker, cup. So approximately 45 to 60 cups for 8 bucks - do people really understand just what a good value quality loose tea is? Imagine getting 45 cups of premium coffee for that price.

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