Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Canada Day!

It's Canada Day! Last year, it was hot and sunny and we attended many Canada Day events. I wore light-colored summer clothes. This year, it's cold, rainy and we both worked - which is probably for the best since most things were cancelled anyway. I also wore jeans, a thermal shirt and a fleece jacket - yep, it's cold all right.
I started off the day with a grapefruit black tea from Metropolitan tea. I've had variable luck with grapefuit teas. When they're good, they're incredible. But when they're not good, they're pretty dull stuff. I think freshness has everything to do with this tea. And my sample is one I found the other night when cleaning out the tea cupboard so it could be a year or older. It's OK but nothing special. That's not to say I won't order some - after all, as long as it's fresh, it can be a pretty sensational tea.
Of course, it helps if you like grapefruit in the first place - which I do.
Upton's offers a grapefruit white tea that's pretty tasty as well. Harney's did a grapefruit vanilla which didn't cut it for me. Now I haven't seen a grapefruit green yet which is a little surprising since I think it would actually work really well - maybe I'll keep that in mind for a future blend

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