Thursday, July 16, 2009

Burnt Almond not quite right

I'm not a huge fan of dark chocolate although I do eat it from time to time. I've tried all types right up to the 99 per cent and I've decided anything over 70 per cent is just too strong for me. I confess, I like sweet and creamy flavors in my chocolate; I consider the 41 per cent found in Sharffenberger's creamy milk chocolate to be just about perfect. But for some bars, darker is better. One of these is Burnt Almond, one of my childhood favorites. A store was featuring Cadbury bars for 50 cents today so I bought some burnt almond with supposedly dark chocolate - it really wasn't and it should have been - this bar screams for dark chocolate. I also bought two hazelnut bars in milk chocolate, which is one of my favorite combinations - I am hoping Cadbury did this pairing justice - I'll find out tomorrow.
Have you ever tried Constant Comment by Bigelow? Trust me on this - Stash's Orange Spice and Metropolitan Tea's loose versions have this beat by a country mile. Otherwise, I'm drinking Harney's Paris and Metropolitan's grapefruit black.

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