Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Remember those fly bites? For some reason, I tend to break out a day or two after the actual bites - and I now have at least 26 bites on my two arms. I say 26, because each time I count, more appear - I started with 12. And they're so itchy!
And the injuries continue. Somehow the sharp bottom edge of the refridgerator caught on the back of my right ankle while I was walking away - it felt like the back of my ankle was being sliced off my leg! The pain was excruciating - I couldn't talk or move for about five minutes. However, no skin was broken but it started to turn purple immediately - which is also odd since I don't normally bruise for at least a day or two after I bump into something. But now it's merely pink although it's still stinging - an odd sort of mishap! I mean, who injures themselve walking away from a fridge? Was it something I said?
It would be a good day for comforting tea and toast but it's too hot to make anything warm. So it's Nestea and wafer cookies for now. I did have some pumpkin spice tea earlier - of course, being in an air-conditioned work environment helps too!

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