Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Proud of myself!

It had all the potential of becoming a disastrous day. Called at the last minute last night to do an early morning shift. Lots of stuff going wrong and some crankiness from others.
But it didn't bother me a bit - I think the proper cliche is "like water rolling off a duck's back." I stayed in a good mood all day, got everything necessary done and even did a little extra - I like it when I can slice through potentially negative situations and move towards a positive outcome. It must be the coconut tea first thing in the morning! Bound to put a smile on even the crankiest face.
And for a moment, I thought I even had a no-spend day but no-such luck. With the early shift, I had time this afternoon to pay the monthly bills - but otherwise, I didn't spend any money.
Yesterday, I definitely spent money and one of my purchases was Ghiradhelli milk chocolate chips, which were on sale. I usually buy Hershey's milk chocolate chips, which taste way better than the semi-sweet. I want to try them in a chocolate chip muffin recipe. Any suggestions?

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