Monday, February 8, 2010

No bread but some soggy news ...

I never did get around to making bread this weekend - too many other chores to take care of. One of those chores was a buildup of laundry. Unfortunately, it looks like it's a good thing I got it all done when I did - I think my washing machine is on its way to washing machine heaven. Ick. Not only does it mean buying a new machine, which I hate, but it also means cleaning that area of the basement up and let's just say my housekeeping skills aren't too evident down there. And there's nothing, in my estimation, worse than basement cleaning. I have an unfinished basement so it's not a place where I like to spend a lot of time. It's a place for storage, laundry, freezers, the furnace and the occasional spider. And for some reason, those basement spiders are big fellers. Sometimes I'll swear they're stealing my canned goods.
I've been drowning my sorrows in bargains. They're selling my favorite large bags of chips 2 for $3 at Shoppers, dips are on sale at Sobeys, and I bought three nearly new sweaters at Value Village. I love getting a new wardrobe for under 10 bucks.
Through all of this, it's coconut black tea or Earl Grey. I've stopped drinking it after 3 and stopped eating after supper and it's made all the difference - I feel like a completely different person. Amazing what a few small adjustments can do for your life.
Speaking of coconut tea, has anyone ever tried coconut pouchong? Now that sounds like a tasty mouthful!

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