Sunday, February 14, 2010

New washer chosen!

In about 10 days, I will have a new washing machine - hurray! You know you're getting old when getting a new Maytag on Valentine's Day makes you happy.
Seriously though, I am happy to be getting it - as far as I'm concerned there's six things I need in a home - a bed, a fridge, a toilet, a water source, a heat source and a washing machine. Everything else is a bonus.
I made a supper tonight of organic grain-fed, locally grown beef, mashed potatoes, roasted carrots and chocolate cupcakes. Everything was good except the beef - it was a great disappointment. Maybe I'm just losing my taste for it. That wouldn't bother me too much - I only eat meat two to four times a week now and my portions are always four ounces or less. The small portions are mainly a result of frugality - smaller portions mean more meals. As I grow older, I really do enjoy vegetables more and more. I was a vegetarian for several years in my early 30s and went back to eating meat mainly because I do feel much better when I do eat it. I know that flies in the face of conventional wisdom that vegetarians are healthier but for me, I am like a different person when I eat meat - healthier, better skin, hair and more energy. I guess it's my system and maybe I'll always have to eat a little meat but for now, I'm happy to cut back as much as possible. Ideally, I'd like to eat meat maybe only twice a week - say just chicken, the occasional bit of pork, no fish or beef. I can't see me quitting eggs, cheese or yogurt though - they're essential. Especially cheese.
Next to no snow here although there's murmurings that this week will be stormy. I hope they're wrong.
I had some Starbucks decaf Pike's Peak this evening and so far, no ill effects. I think Pike's Peak is their best decaf. And I put in an order for a pile of herbal teas - should be some fun reviews ahead!


  1. This comment is in lieu of an email, as I couldn't find an address on the site. Once upon a time, you posted about a desire to find a porcelain travel mug with no metal on it.

    I found a double-walled china mug with a silicone lid and hot-sleeve at Superstore for $10 the other day and thought of you. I have seen similar cups at more expensive shops, but this one looked quite nice--very plain in white. I bought one for the boyfriend, and will let you know if it doesn't live up to my hopes and dreams :)

  2. Oh please let me know how it works out - there's a Superstore not far from me so I will have to check there to see if they're carrying them here. It sounds like a nice mug!