Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just another Lush

I used to be addicted to bath products. Then I found several products that I really liked and started using them exclusively. But after reading about people who love Lush products, I decided to put in an after-Christmas order since they had a buy one, get two free deal on. I ordered some stuff, not really knowing what to get. I am a shower person but that's never stopped me from using bubble baths and other bath products. I figured there must be a way to use bath bombes in the shower.
Umm, no.
I ordered two soaps, one lip gloss and three bath bombes. While they looked interesting, I knew they wouldn't work in the shower so I sent them to a friend, who was quite happy to get them. I do like the lip stuff and the soaps are quite nice - I can imagine ordering more of those.
And yes, maybe I'll even order shower products the next time.


  1. You should have at least tried one bath with a bath bomb.... it feels luxurious!

    Lucky friend!

  2. You're probably right - but it could be a while before I'd do it and I think there's a time limit on this stuff, unlike most bath products. I had visions of it turning to mush so I gave it to my friend - she's happy!