Monday, August 24, 2009

There's nothing like a mild-mannered hurricane ...

especially when you're expecting much worse! Hurricane Bill came and left in a matter of a few hours, with wind gusts of 63 kilometres per hour and 54 mm of rain - heck, that's just a small rain shower in the Maritimes! Bill was nice enough to stay far enough off the coast so he didn't really affect us too much and for that, we're grateful. The hours leading up to Bill's arrival were much worse. When I awoke at 7 in the morning, it was the calm before the storm - literally. Apparently, that's the actual time when the barometric pressure drops and the impending storm sucks it all in before unleashing its fury. Physically, it was super quiet, calm and quite creepy. Then, two hours later, flocks of hungry birds arrived in the backyard, which broke the awful silence. The storm arrived another hour later and lasted about six hours. Today, the air is cool and fresh, which is great after all the heat and humidity of the past two weeks.
As promised, I did break out the Baker's Street Blend yesterday. It's quite nice and just perfect for rainy days. It has a mildly smoky flavor, thanks to the Lapsang Souchong. For those who are normally overwhelmed by full-strength Lapsang, this may be the tea for you. It's definitely a fall/winter tea though - meant to be sipped before a roaring fireplace.
I did drop by Valu Village on the way home, where I found an unused Tupperware container that has six sections and would be used to display a variety of foods or condiments for only $2.99 (these things are usually at least $30 and a Royal Albert china mug and two Royal Doulton china cups, all for 99 cents each. I have to stay out of that place!

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