Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hurricane coming!

Hurricane Bill is poised to hit us tomorrow, bringing winds of 120 to 140 km per hour and between 100 and 150 mm of rain. Went out today to do some last minute shopping - extra water, fresh fruit, bread, peanut butter and it seems everyone else had the same idea. Some stores were already out of water and flashlights by 2 this afternoon. Really, I have enough food stored to last about six months but there's always something to get at the last minute. It's pretty hard to store fresh fruit when the temperatures have been averaging 90 C - today, with the humidex, it's the equivalent of 106 F here - that's not typical Nova Scotia weather! Unfortunately, it's also feeding the hurricane - the waters around the province are actually at tropical temperatures, which means the hurricane can keep moving at category 2 strength - not good for us. Later, I'm going to put my vegetable pots into the shed, along with the garbage cans and the lawn funiture - don't want any of that blowing around the neighborhood. Even though the storm is still hundreds of miles away, the trees are already blowing - I expect some will come down. Hopefully there won't be much damage when they do.
I've been drinking the Robert Fortune Blend 41 from Upton - it's a lovely blend of Darjeeling and Yunnan. I have my Baker Street blend ready for tomorrow. Before I go to bed tonight, I'll boil up some water for the thermos - just in case the power goes out during the night, I'll still have tea for the morning.
Surprisingly enough, I've had two days this week where I haven't spent any money and I fully expect tomorrow to be another no spend day - that will be the first time I've had three in one week since early July. I hope to get my spending under control in time for September - August has been a spendy month!

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