Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cheap Tea - review 2

I tried the Shoppers Orange Spice Rooibos last night - again, not bad at all. It has one of of the nicest orange spice flavors I've ever tasted but you can still taste the rooibos, which isn't so good. I'm not a rooibos fan although I do like an occasional cup of chocolate or chocolate mint rooibos. It would be perfect if they had used that orange spice flavoring over a tea. However, if you like orange spice and/rooibos, this is definitely worth 99 cents - or indeed, the $2.99 regular price.
Today, I started with a pot of Prince of Wales loose tea - delish! It's a black tea with a blackcurrent flavor, which I love. Blackcurrent isn't a commonly found flavor in this part of Canada and that's a shame - it's really good stuff.
I'm now drinking my old standby, orange spice black tea - I was craving it. Even though it's a beautiful summer's day here, it's still heading into mid-August, which means harvest time isn't all that far off. I associate the spicy teas with the fall.
Of course, my harvest time won't be until late fall; I just finished planting lettuce, swiss chard, basil and a huge amount of garlic this week. I think most of that garlic will be harvested either in late fall or in the spring. My first planting of garlic looks nearly ready to be harvested. The lettuce and chard, which I planted from seed in May, has been growing beautifully in containers and we've already had a few salads. The lettuce was incredibly good - and I don't even like lettuce that much!
I planted tomatoes, leeks, onions, pumpkins and broccoli in mid July and the tomatoes and broccoli have taken off. But - there's lots of leaves and so far, only one flower on one of the tomato plants - so who knows if I'll actually get any. The leeks and onions look so-so and the pumpkins have simply disappeared. But the peppers, which I planted from seed, are still growing although I imagine they're not too impressed with all this wet weather
With the exception of the last planting of garlic which was planted into the ground, everything else has been planted in containers and they're great! No weeds and I know where everything is and if it's actually growing. Plus, with my super-sensitive knees and shins, it means I don't have to kneel or stoop to get at my plants.
So, if I can get actual plants and vegetables to grow, instead of just the usual weeds, anyone can do it! Don't think I'll leave my day job just yet though ....

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