Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shopping tires you out!

I've been shopping like a mad woman these past two days but I do feel pretty good about it - everything I got is something I wanted or needed and everything was bought at a good price. I got four pairs of Wranglers pants (jeans and black, brown and green denim) for $60 at Wal-Mart - hard to beat that and I can wear them (execpt the blue jeans) to work. Did I need four new pairs of pants - uh, well, yeah. Trying all these new teas, coffees and chocolates (not to mention all the tasty accompaniments) means I needed some er, slightly bigger clothes. Oh, if truth be told, I'm getting chubby and I can't stand my clothes too tight. So there you have it. I also got three pairs of shoes for less than $25 - one pair, bought at the Bay, cost the princely sum of $1.36, after taxes. The other pairs were $14 and $6, and both were classic-style shoes that normally would cost more than $60. I got a really nice brand new winter jacket for $6.99 and a dress for a wedding for $5.99 at the resale shop - a lot of good clothes for under a hundred bucks. A sporting goods shop has their athletic footwear 40 per cent off and then, if you buy a pair, you get the second pair free so I may check that out as well since I really need some good walking sneakers. After that and a trip to a local farmer's market, the shopping is going to stop - gotta start watching the budget again.
Teawise, I tried a vanilla black tea from a sample called Barry's, a US tea company, that tasted more like coffee than tea. Right now, I'm drinking decaf English Breakfast and looking at a beautiful set of pewter candleholder that I also got at the resale shop for $2.99 - can't wear 'em or eat 'em but they'll look nice somewhere in the house.

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