Sunday, May 2, 2010

New (expensive) habit

This week, I got a really good deal on a Keurig coffee/tea maker. No problems there - I love it! It's quick and is great for the mornings when I want a nice cup of something in a hurry. However, it does mean I have to get those K-cups and being me, I need a selection - that adds up. And living in a small area, there are surprisingly few places to buy them so I've been getting them where I can. Of course, the places that do sell them cater mainly to the coffee crowd and there's few selections for tea and decaf - it looks like I will have to order on line for any real variety. But for now, I am well stocked for English Breakfast and green tea. I also managed to score a box of Timothy's Columbian decaf and a Van Houte decaf. I also got a Van Houte selection box and a Tully's Kona - I love Kona so I splurged. All are really good. The English Breakfast is a tasty surprise - it's strong and loaded with good black tea flavor. But the nicest surprise of all was the one box of herbal that I managed to find - Timothy's Blueberry Lemon. Oh. My. Goodness. It's absolutely delicious. It tastes like the blueberries were just picked, with a hint of lemon. I actually hesitated on this one but I am so glad I did buy it. I would highly recommend this one, especially if you're a blueberry and/or lemon fan.
All week, I've been using the Keurig but today I did take time to make a pot of orange spice. It's great. When I'm in a rush, I'll use the machine but you still can't beat the flavor of a well-made pot of loose tea.


  1. Oh!! I want a Keurig too! I have a Tassimo and can get the discs at Sobeys and Superstore, but it's a limited selection... I think I could get lots more selection with Keurig.... I might splurge on one if I get my new job... keep it at work. The teas would be great in the afternoon!

    So glad you're liking yours :-)

  2. I paid $69 for my Keurig - it does one cup at a time and it's quick - it would be great for an office. It's very clean and has no spillage like a regular coffee-maker. I am trying to pursuade two of my co-workers into buying that or a Tassimo for our office and maybe getting the company to pay. Around here the selection is limited, but online, the variety is astounding. I put an order in to this weekend to get a few more flavors - they have 120 flavors in stock and they let you buy one of each, if you want to try a few different brews or blends.