Sunday, May 9, 2010

Getting Distracted

Sometimes, getting distracted is the best cure for a situation that can't be helped. My mom is still pretty sick but there's not much to be done right now - she is frail and has pneumonia and she is being treated very well in hospital. What happens next is up to a higher authority - I'm praying he or she is in a good mood.
So, when life is rough, I turn to food. Hey, I turn to food when life is good. It's no secret I like to eat. Here's my list of the bestest comfort foods for those rotten days when yumminess is next to godliness.
1. Ruffles Barbecue Chips or Lays Salt and Pepper Chips. The biggest bag you can find. Don't share!
2. Liberty Lemon Yogurt - the full-fat stuff. Low fat doesn't cheer you up. One big tub and one small spoon.
3. Homemade hash brown potatoes. Fill plate up once. Then fill 'er again!
4. Homemade macaroni and cheese - made with old cheddar.
5. Rice Krispy squares. They're not just for breakfast anymore ...
6. Toasted French bread with real butter.
7. Grilled Cheese - made the old-fashioned way with non-nutritional white sliced bread and cheese slices!
8. Peanut butter or oatmeal chocolate chip cookies - or just make both and freeze what's left... if there's any left.
9. Your favorite chocolate - mine's Scharffenberger Milk Chocolate but to each her own. Preferably consumed with your favorite hot drink. Or six.
10. Roasted vegetables and/or fresh berries. For those times when you're down but still thinking you might want to get back into your normal clothes again - you can only wear your bathrobe for so long.


  1. Gotta love your list. I too like mac and cheese made with old cheddar. Lots of it. I have to have a potato when I am down. Chocolate, good frozen custard. actually, a lot of your list. Junque food to the rescue!!!

  2. Mmmmm ... never had frozen custard - can't get that here - but the homemade stuff is certainly divine. There is something about good old cheddar and anything made with pasta or potatoes that equals comfort food.