Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I have been busy. The new coach arrived on Saturday and then the whole weekend was spent cleaning everything up - funny how changing one large piece of furniture can completely disrupt your house. But it's worth it - it looks great - nice coach, clean and (relatively) clutter-free living room.
Last night I made my homemade salsa, which takes a few hours and tonight, I tackled the front lawn. One solid hour of mowing - I'm exhausted. Yeah, I'm out of shape.
And let's not forget work, which has been quite busy as well. So I am off to bed in just a few minutes.
I'm still trying k-cups. I had Gloria Jean's Earl Grey tea this morning - oh yum. Just the way I like it. I'd highly recommend this one. So far, my favorites are as follows:
Timothy's Blueberry Lemon Herbal Tea
Timothy's Chinese Green Tea
Gloria Jean's Earl Grey Tea
Bigelow's English Breakfast
Bigelow's Orange Spice Herbal
Van Houtte's Eclipse Blend Coffee
Tully's Kona
Van Houtte's Decaf hazelnut
Van Houtte's decaf vanilla
I still have a few more to try!

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