Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lawn Mowing!

I can't believe the grass this year - it's growing like there's no tomorrow. It's been just a week since I did the front yard and I had to do it again today - and I'm not fussy about how the lawn looks. I did half the back lawn before the mower gave out - and I did too. The grass back there was so tall and thick. I'll finish it another day. Normally I don't even start mowing any grass until mid-June ...
It does look nice out there though.
I'm on my own this evening so I'm debating a few meal options. Natchos with cheese and homemade salsa. Black forest ham and cheddar sandwich. Big Ole salad with romaine lettuce, mushrooms and tomato with Caesar salad dressing. Soup. Oriental appetizers with rice or ramen.
I'm also considering a nice pot of tea - preferably something with a light taste like peaches or strawberries. Sandwiches and tea do go well together and maybe some fruit - fresh strawberries - for dessert.
Sounds good to me!

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