Saturday, May 22, 2010

I did try ....

My plan was to buy a children's book and a gift certificate for my niece and husband, who are expecting their first child. That was the plan .... Let them decide what they really need.
Yeah, right.
Just like men and hardware or electronic stores, what is it with women and baby stuff? I've never had kids - never interested - yet today, wandering around the baby departments of several stores, I just spent way too much money. So much cuteness!I bought sweet little books, CDs of lullabies, sleepers, a rattle/giraffe, blanket (all in the prettiest shades of yellow, which is one of my two favorite colors) and a larger gift of a fuzzy sheepskin-like liner bag for the inside of a stroller or carseat so baby doesn't need to wear a jacket when getting around in winter. The little one should be arriving in the fall. I had no idea of just how expensive these things were either - yikes.
After all that cuteness, I've been home drinking Bigelow Orange Spice Herbal Tea with Christie's Maple Cookies. Toasted tomato sandwiches are looking like a distinct possibility for supper.

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