Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No control

There are some foods over which I have no control - I just can't stop eating them. So, I try not to eat them very often. Those yummy, delicious morsels are usually things that your body doesn't need anyway - like French fries and bacon. Tonight though, I did eat French fries - to the point that I now feel pretty lousy. I know better. But they're soooo good ....
Yesterday, two orders of herbal teas arrived for me. I tried one tea last night - Cinnamon Plum from Upton. It actually consists of dried plum pieces. The tea was delicious - but I couldn't taste the plum, nor the cinnamon. I'd recommend it though. I'm not sure which tea I'll try tonight - it depends if my tummy settles down.
Did I mention I can't resist French fries?

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