Saturday, March 27, 2010

And now spring's gone on vacation!

We had 15.7 C here last Saturday - and today it's -6 C with strong winds and snow. I think I like last Saturday better! It does get me out of yard work though and I'm not feeling too ambitious today.
I'm sipping on a cup of Irish Cream black tea, trying to get enough energy to start the weekly cleaning marathon. It really doesn't take long - laundry, vacuuming, dusting, decluttering and a thorough cleaning of the bathroom - but it always take me a long time to summon the energy to start doing it. Why is that? I really don't mind doing it once I start. I'm like that with everything though - a true procrastinator!
Haven't done the taxes yet either. In Canada, the due date is April 30 and I usually have it done by April 29. I thought this year would be different since having a full-time job means less paperwork but I'm still pretty steamed about having to pay taxes last year because they didn't take enough off at work (which I've since fixed) so I'm in no hurry to do it this year.
Once I get the housework done, I hope to do some baking. I've been craving some good chocolate chip cookies and I have a recipe for Irish soda bread that looks simple enough. On a cold spring day, working in a toasty warm kitchen sounds like the best plan of all.

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