Saturday, March 6, 2010

Evasive Saturdays

There's just something about Saturdays that makes me want to avoid doing stuff - I guess I think of it as a prime goof-off day. And when I think of it that way, I've had a very successful day indeedy.
I mostly shopped today and I'm quite happy with my purchases. Some food - grapes, blueberries for my lunches next week; a pot roast, chicken breasts and a ham; chocolate soy milk; probiotic yogurt; tortillas for burritos and quesidillas (yep, I know it's misspelled) and some Twinnings Lemon black tea for work. I also went to the bulk food store for soy nuts (I'm trying to add some more soy-foods to my diet), Turkish delight and something called Veggie Flutes, which are vegetable corn-puff type snacks that are pretty tasty. I also got a really nice shirt at Marks for $14.99 from $54.99 - it's one of their iron-free cotton shirts. The real deal for me though was at Winners - two full-sized bottles of Torani Syrups for $7.99 each - I got a vanilla and a caramel. They'll be great for tea lattes and coffee drinks. And to think a few months ago, I couldn't find them anywhere, even at full price.
I tried another herbal from Upton - Peach Melba. It's quite nice with a pleasant peach flavor. Again, I think it might be nicer iced.
With the exception of today, I've been pretty good with money lately - but I have to get back on track. At least I'll be eating well.


  1. Oh that is a great price on the syrups! I've had good luck at Home Sense too, finding those.

  2. We don't have a home sense around here but at least there's Winner's. I couldn't find these anywhere in the province before except for a tiny bottle at Starbucks back in November - and this is several times bigger for about the same price. I may go back and get some more - I think they'll probably last a few years unopened.