Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring has arrived ....

And it's warm! Yesterday was around 16 C. Today was around 3 C, which is still nice for March in Canada. I've been doing yard work the past two days (8 large bags of leaves which comprises about 5 per cent of my property - still a long ways to go) and I was surprised at how dry the ground was. No spring muck here and that's even odder than the warm temperatures.
I've been drinking strawberry black and blackberry black teas, which are both tasty. I've also been eating far too many rice cereal squares. Somehow I justify it by saying since it's made with cereal, it's reinforced with vitamins and perfectly fine for breakfast.
Sure ... makes sense ... sorta
Back to work tomorrow. I've been thinking that two days are not long enough for a weekend. A three-day weekend would let you get so much more done at home. I wouldn't even mind working four 10-hour days to get a three day weekend. Some people could work three days at 10 or 12 hours and others could work four days - same amount of hours and there would be more productivity - it would be a win-win situation.
I just want another day off!

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