Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Election Day

It's election day here in Nova Scotia and it promises to be a close one. The best part is that once this one is over, we should be election-free for a while - we've had three, municipal, federal and provincial in the past nine months - so no more elections for a while will be a relief. Now it's time for everyone to start governing and stop arguing!
I am pondering what to do with my garden. In February, I took a nasty fall and ever since, kneeling has been out of the question since my shins are far too sensitive. Even the material from my pants can hurt at times. Yet, I really wanted to put out a vegetable garden this year. In fact, the week before I fell, I ordered tons of vegetable seeds, which I probably wouldn't have done if I had known about my shin problems then. I have planted some seeds in pots inside but they're growing as well as can be expected inside a house that doesn't have the greatest natural lighting, thanks to the incredible amount of shade trees outside. I even ordered tea seeds but only grew white fuzzy stuff that I ended up throwing out - no tea crop this year. Anyway, on this cold spring day, I have to decide at some point whether I want to go ahead with the garden or just plant the rest of my garlic bulbs and call it a day. It is looking as though it will be a garlic sort of year with maybe just a tomato plant or two to keep them company.
I'm drinking a Christmas blend of tea today - it's my own blend and a pretty good one too - it has lots of apple and cinnamon flavor in it, with a black tea base. Nice on a cold, political day.