Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Election Day, Part 2

The election is over and everything went according to predictions. I often wish these things weren't predictable or, even more importantly, that others wouldn't try to predict these things ahead of time. The element of surprise would at least make it interesting.
But hopefully, we'll be election free for a while anyway. There's been far too many during the past few months.
My tea choices today have been predictable as well. My favorite bagged tea is Stash's Orange Spice, which I have to order from the US since it isn't carried in this province. I've been drinking that all day, which is nice and easy, and rather comforting. Loose orange spice tea is even better - maybe even my favorite, depending on the time of year. But it is closing into mid-June, which is actually time to get into more summery teas, but the weather today felt more like a day in November. Hopefully the orange spice weather won't be around for too much longer.