Friday, June 12, 2009

Comforting Cup

I'm having an Organic decaf black tea from the Korakundah Estate that I got from - I ordered a sample and I'll probably order this one again. It's a plain black tea that has an interesting almost chicken broth flavor to it - odd but tasty. Great for those days when you're feeling lousy and just want something without caffeine but warm and flavorful.
It's still cold here but it's suppose to warm up on the weekend. It will be a short weekend - have to work Sunday since we're a person short so I plan to take it pretty easy. Have to be in for work on Sunday at 6:30 am - Ye Gods! I am not a morning person. It will be Tim Horton's strong Earl Grey for that hour - nice strong Earl Grey that's not perfumey but definitely Earl Grey. Let's just put it this way - it's an Earl Grey you can drink first thing in the morning and not feel sick to your stomach.
Another new candy shop opened in town with lots of interesting goodies. One bar I bought was marshmallow and cashews in milk chocolate - I think I'll be buying another one of those real soon. Can't remember the name though. They also had Bristows Clotted Cream fudge and Walkers toffee. Could be dangerous!