Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tea and cookies

Is there a more perfect pairing? It's definitely one of mine. This week, in celebration of all things British, I bought two old favorites, crumpets and milk chocolate digestive biscuits. I had forgotten just how good both are. Neither were brand names - just store brands - but both were truly tasty.
Maybe it's because I drink my tea plain with no sugar or milk but I often like to have something sweet with it. Yet, often my favorites disappear off store shelves just as I develop an addiction to them. Maybe they're still offered in other areas but here's a few of the yummies I can no have because the confounded local stores no longer stock them.
1. Chocolate HobNobs by McVities
2. McVities Chocolate and Orange Digestives
3. Lemon Puffs (the old fashioned sticky ones)
4. Coffee Crisp Orange Fingers
5. Bourbon Cremes

I've seen some of these online but shipping rates are often too high to indulge.


  1. Have you checked out Pete's Frootique? I am not often in NS but when I get a chance to go, I can roam that store for hours. He has a good British section. Also, the Bulk Barn has a very small section too, if you have one in your area?

  2. The nearest Pete's is about five hours away from here and I only get to Halifax about once every two years or so. I agree with you though - I could spend hours in that store - and spend far too much money!