Friday, April 15, 2011

New Habit

Well, last week I mentioned buying a Tassimo. Since then, I have become addicted to the cappuccinos that it makes - at least one a day and somedays, two ... OK, most days, two. Yum! The Twinings Chai tea lattes aren't bad either and I really like the Twinings Earl Grey tea.
The Starbucks coffee is great and I expect the Nabob coffee lattes to be good as well. The only real disappointments were the Suchard hot chocolate - yuck - and Nabob's Cafe Crema - double yuck! I might buy a large mug and combine the Crema and the Suchard to come up with a mocha - I am not wasting all that stuff but I'm definitely not drinking either as they are now.
My Keurig is sitting there waiting for me to return to using it. And I will - for overall ease of use, it's still Keurig's game.
But I just love those cappuccinos!
Tea-wise, I've been getting into some of my old favorites, Harney's Paris blend is in my cup right now. And a Tetley Green Earl Grey is my surprise of the week - pretty good for a tea that I had been avoiding - just couldn't imagine combining green tea with Earl Grey flavorings - but it works.

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  1. They have a few new ones out and a promo if you spend $60 shipping is free. Check out the website :-) I've ordered from them in the past and it's fast and safe...