Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gotta love lemon!

Lemons are finally getting cheaper thankfully. Homemade lemonade is one of the nicest drinks around and last night, I made the first pitcher in what seems to be a long time. My recipe is pretty simple - grate the lemon zest into your glass pitcher, squeeze the lemon juice from at least two large lemons and add sugar to taste. Stir it and then add water to fill the pitcher and chill. It takes a while to zest the lemons and get the sugar amounts right and you do have to stir it vigorously, every time you want a glass but it is so worth it. I also made a lemon loaf cake this week from a recipe in one of the Company's Coming cookbooks.
Candywise, I just tried Lemonheads for the first time - I love'em! They're like jellybeans with attitude and you have to love the real lemon taste. At 50 cents a box, I'll definitely be getting more of these.
My search for a good lemon tea goes on. So far, Twinings seems to be winning this battle with their Green Tea With Lemon but somehow, I think there's still a better one out there.
I did try a really nice Teavana Chocolate Mint black tea yesterday - it's almost enough to make me consider placing an order ...

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