Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I really needed this ...

For the most part, I'm a thrifty person. I have been known to save and my bills are always paid on time. But I do have several weaknesses - books, music and the subject matters of this blog, tea, chocolate and coffee.
Even though I already own a beautiful KitchenAid coffeemaker, a cappuccino maker, a Keurig, several French Presses, a Melitta, several small coffeemakers, a Teadrop electric tea maker, and numerous kettles and teapots (and I use them all), I felt the need to buy a Tassimo this week.
Notice I said need and not want?
So far, I am happy with it. I bought it primarily for the coffee drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes, which are much easier to make this way. As soon as I had my first cappuccino, I knew it was a good decision. Oh. Yum. I've had the Nabob which is much better than I expected and the Starbucks, which is exactly as I expected. I've also had the Starbucks Verona blend which is divine and have yet to open my Starbucks House Blend. We don't have a Starbucks around here so this is a wonderful way to get my fix. Starbucks will be available for Keurig later in the year but this will keep me going until then.The biggest surprise was the Maxwell House Decaf - this is seriously good for an inexpensive decaf!
Teawise, the selection is pretty disappointing. I can only get Twinings Earl Grey (which is quite good) and Chai Tea Latte around here and I haven't tried the latte yet.
As for the perennial question, Tassimo versus Keurig, here's my thoughts:
Tassimo is much noisier than Keurig
Tassimo is messier than Keurig
Tassimo makes coffee and tea speciality drinks; Keurig does not.
Tassimo has limited flavors in coffees and teas; Keurig has about 150 and most are pretty good.
Keurig is easier to use.
Keurig is definitely the machine to use if you're a tea lover.If you can afford just one machine, you're probably better off getting the Keurig.


  1. I own both and your observations are spot on! I have my Tassimo at work now, rarely use it... you've given me the urge to use more often now.

    (I've had my Tassimo since 2006 and I used it every day until I got my Keurig in June... I even bought so t-discs in Paris!)

  2. T-discs in Paris? Now that's dedication! Anything different over there from here?