Friday, May 6, 2011

Library Tea

Our local library is always putting on free programs on a variety of subjects that are interesting. This week's event was on vegetable gardening and since I am a (very) amateur gardener who prefers to eat her garden, we went to the two-hour session. It was interesting and I left inspired to plant a few new things. Since my yard is shaded, I now know that lettuce and other greens are pretty much the best things for me to grow (and garlic!).
Of course, in this area, you can't do anything without including a lunch and refreshments - one of the perks of Maritime living. Since the session was about growing fruits and vegetables, the foods included a fruit tray and a vegetable tray. But for me, the best thing about the evening was the chance to try two new teas. Both are by President's Choice. The second was Raspberry Thriller - I have to confess I wasn't so thrilled. Just another reddish-colored herbal that really didn't have that much flavor. But the first tea I tried was a completely different story. It's called Lemon Thriller and it lives up to its name. It's another herbal and features a full, rich lemon flavor with no grassy overtones. The very next day, I went to the grocery store and purchased a box so that should tell you how much I liked it - if you're a lemon fan, this one is worth trying!

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