Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chocolate, chocolate

Years back, I drank coffee and little else. Then the caffeine began affecting my tummy so I began to explore the world of tea. All along, I drank decaf coffee, usually Starbucks or a flavored decaf in the evening whenever I could get it. I didn't really start to drink full-strength coffee again until I got my Keurig - for some reason, I can drink a cup or two from the Keurig without it bothering me in the least - yet, if I drank the same coffee prepared another way, it would make me sick. Apparently I'm not the only one who has noticed this - some are even wondering if the Keurig application somehow affects the caffeine content of the finished cup. Fortunately, there are plenty of flavors to try and it's nice to start the day with a cup of coffee. Nothing against tea - I do love it - but for some reason, I can't drink it first thing in the morning since it nauseates me. After I eat, I can enjoy a pot or two.
But all along, I've aways enjoyed the occasional cup of hot chocolate, usually on the coldest days of winter. This year, the cravings have arrived during the past week and I've been able to satiate them since I always keep a stash of cocoa on hand. This year, the cup of choice has come from a Canadian company, Gourmet Village. I have to recommend their Creme Brule and Maple flavors but I wish they still made my favorite, Chocolate Orange. Unbelievably good - just like a liquid chocolate orange. Other wonderful hot chocolates come from Ghiradelli (if you can find it), Nestle Noir and Tim Horton's makes a great hot chocolate that isn't all that expensive either. Since I've just run out of my Gourmet Village stash, I'll be having a cup of Ghiradelli today. I've already got an order in to replenish my supplies!

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