Monday, March 28, 2011

What would I do ...

if I had $1000 to spend only on myself. Oh my! I read about this on the Asian Pear blogsite ( and the only qualifications was that it couldn't be used to pay bills or debt. Sounds like fun!
In actuality, I would probably use the money to buy a new iMac (mine's seven years old and getting really slow), but for here I decided to do one based on tea instead - and wow, you can really get a lot of stuff for a thousand bucks. Of course, most of the money would be spent online since there's virtually no choice around here. Here goes my list:
1. I'd head right over to since they sell a nice selection of Metropolitan Teas and K-cups. I'd buy one pound bags of my favorites: grapefruit black, orange spice black, blackberry black, rhubarb cream black, pineapple black, decaf English Breakfast, decaf strawberry black, decaf peach apricot and decaf Earl grey (approx. $310), I'd then get about $200 in assorted Kcups and about $40 in hot chocolate flavors from Gourmet Village. I'd probably also break down and buy a Tassimo and some coffees and teas to go with that (another $200 at least) although I might be tempted to spring for a more upscale version of my present Keurig.
2. I'd then go to Harneys and buy some of my favorites there (Tropical green, Paris, Cranberry Autumn, Earl Grey and something new - preferably some greens or a pouchong ($100) and then to
3. Stash for a big supply of my favorite Orange Spice and some of their teawares - a Stump teapot, a new tea cozy and a selection of some new cups. Believe it or not, everything, with shipping and taxes, together would come to about $1000.
4. If I economized somewhere, I might be able to add a Shelley teacup and saucer to the mix - at some point, it would be nice to have one of these in my collection.
Fun to think about and I confess, I'm a little surprised at how quickly that money would disappear. What would you do with a $1000 in tea and/or coffee money?

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