Friday, March 4, 2011

I Should Like This But ...

As you may have guessed by now, I love to eat. I also love trying new things. However, there's one part of foods which have confused me - the stuff we want to like but just can't.
When I read magazines, I immediately want to try such things as Lavender Lemonade, Lavender Shortbread and salads made with edible flowers - they just look so good to eat. And let's face it - few foods are more visually appealing than sushi.
Yet, all of these things turn my stomach. The only thing I like about lavender is the color - can't stand the smell of it and the taste is nauseating - so why would I ever think that it's going to be good in cookies or lemonade? And I don't like leafy greens, salads or fish much - so the fact that it's pretty isn't going to improve the flavor.
Some may believe that we eat with our eyes, but if you can't stand a food, making it look good isn't going to help matters. Maybe it's just me, but dressing it up in new clothes isn't going to change the essential nature and taste of the product.
But after saying that, I do confess to liking Lavender Butterfly Tea - it's a green tea blended with lavender. But I think it's a case of the tea blender having a clue and allowing good quality green tea to stand out, instead of the flower. And even so, this isn't a tea for the early morning.

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