Friday, April 9, 2010

TGIF ...

And it didn't come a moment too soon. I just get too stressed by work. Granted, I work in a high-stress job but I'm not overly happy working when it's low stress either. It's not the right area of work for me but hey - gotta make some bucks to pay those bills. Eventually I'll find what I want to do and hopefully make a living from it.
I ordered a KitchenAid blender and a Black and Decker breadmaker from Amazon - both were half price so my GST cheque and a small freelance cheque will take care of those. My breadmaker just died and I've been drooling over the blender for about a year. It's smoothies for breakfast tomorrow!Yum!


  1. Those sound like neat purchases!! I'm so glad we can finally buy more than books on Amazon! Do you earn some Amazon certificates from Swagbucks? Those help a lot.

    If I get the job that I want, I may order a Keurig machine at Amazon... *fingers crossed*

  2. I haven't earned any swagbucks yet - I never seem to do the search that actually net any points. But I love getting more than books, cds and dvds on Amazon. The blender I got retails for $229 here without taxes and on Amazon, it was $105 before taxes and with free shipping. How can you resist?
    I hope you get the job and the Keurig. I'm still debating between that and a Tassimo. I've had coffee prepared by a Keurig and it's really good. But the idea of easy to prepare cappuccinos is hard to resist ...