Friday, April 2, 2010

A lovely, nothing day

By the time 4 pm hit and all I had done for the day was get dressed and make my bed, I had a pretty good idea it was going to be a lazy day. But then, I really needed one and I still have a full weekend ahead of me to do everything else.
I love long weekends!
I found my plum tea today - yum! Plums have always been a weird fruit for me. I love how they taste but can't stand eating them - there's something about the texture of the flesh that repels me. But that means anything plum flavored is always a hit, although there's little of it out there. Besides jam, there's isn't a whole lot out there in plum flavored or plum-filled foods. The plum tea I have came from the Metropolitan Tea Company and I've never seen it anywhere's else. You couldn't buy it from me either when I had the tea business - I'd open a bag and end up keeping it for myself. Essentially it's good quality Ceylon black tea flavored with plum - and it's really good natural plum flavoring. If you can get your hands on this tea, go for it - it's wonderful stuff.
Otherwise, it's been mainly leftovers and junk food today - not the best diet but oddly satisfying. I'll go back to eating healthy and being a productive member of society tomorrow ... afternoon.

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