Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday sighs ...

As is usual, I am bemoaning my lack of energy. I didn't really get much done this weekend (what else is new) but it's so nice to take it easy on the weekend. And I am so good at it ...
For breakfast, I had a cup of Harney's Paris tea, a glass of Cranberry Apple Cider and two homemade chocolate chip cookies. Lunch will be homemade waffles, maple syrup and a fruit salad. And some Earl Grey Creme tea. A nutritional nightmare I am sure but oh so good. Supper is looking like pasta with a parmesan spinach sauce.
My garlic from last year is growing great. And my chives made it through the winter. I am actually tempted to plant some swiss chard today - it's sunny but windy here today - but my order from Vesey's hasn't arrived yet. Since everything is more than a month ahead of schedule here (my trees are all budding and this doesn't usually happen until the end of May), I am wondering if the gardening shops will open a little earlier this year.
In addition to my new blender and bread machine, I also ordered books from Mary Hunt, Debt-Free Living, and the main one from Dave Ramsay, since I couldn't get them at the library or any book shops around here. I think I'm on the right path but I figure a little extra advice never hurts.

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  1. I absolutely love Mary Hunt... I have been following her Debt-Proof Living plan for almost 8 years... I love the concept of the freedom account most!

    I've read one of Dave Ramsey's books... wish I'd heard of him when I was paying down my debt!