Friday, January 27, 2012

Just not productive

Maybe it's the weather or the time of year but I am finding it hard to be productive these days - except when it comes to food. I've been cooking up a storm all week and the fun continued today with 16 blueberry corn muffins and a peach blueberry cobbler. For supper, I'll be making cheeseburger macaroni so we're not talking low-calorie fare here!
But it is cozy food and a good thing too - we're expecting stormy weather this evening. Snow, followed by freezing rain and rain - a big general mess. I went out today to pick up some potting soil for my new packets of veggie seeds (I know it's too early to start anything but I'd love to have a few pots of herbs indoors) and some yogurt and was nearly knocked off my feet by the crowds. Umm, storms in January are just par for the course in Nova Scotia. So for 12 or so hours, you might have to stay home - and eight of those hours are overnight! We're not talking emergency here, folks.
But then, I can say that knowing I have a full fridge, full freezer, plenty of milk, canned goods and fruit and vegetables in. I probably have a six-month supply of everything in - yes, even tea, chocolate and coffee. Especially tea, chocolate and coffee. It's just the way my family works. My parents lived that way and so do my siblings. We use everything but we always feel a need to have some extra in, just in case. When they talk about family trees, they weren't kidding when it came to mine - we have to be descended from at least a few squirrels!


  1. The drive home was a tricky one... now it's turned to freezing rain and supposed to be rain in a couple hours. It seems most storms the last couple years have been on Fridays!

    I too have a good stockpile, not 6 months worth of chocolate, but enough to get us through a couple months I'm sure! Old age and CPP checks came out today, so that might be why it was so busy in the stores.

    Hope your storm's not too bad!!

  2. January is an odd month -- Christmas is over and spring isn't here yet!