Monday, January 2, 2012

More Fun!

While the stores were jammed on Boxing Day, there was hardly anyone about in the days after - and that's when the real bargains can be found. I headed to Walmart today and pleased to find all the holiday chocolate on for 75 per cent off. Yes, that meant chocolate initials were 30 cents, pound bags of Hershey Kisses were a $1.20 and bags of Lindt chocolates were a buck. If you're not put off by the Christmas wrappings, it's a great time to stock up - chocolate stores great in the freezer. I think I'm pretty much set for the year!
Yesterday was interesting as far as meals went - I harvested salad greens and onions from my garden. Yep. I had a fresh-from-the-garden salad on New Year's Day. In Atlantic Canada.
Yes, the weather is definitely changing.

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  1. I usually buy at the after Christmas sales too, but I still have a few boxes of unopened chocolates, so better forget it for 2012.

    I can't believe you ate greens from the garden, that is so wild!

    All our snow has melted here... it's looking more like October than January!