Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Garden fun!

Canadian Saver mentioned that it was wild that I was eating greens on New Year's Day and I have to agree. Here's a little update from my garden.
I had Swiss chard and onion greens in my salad plus I harvested a few onions to have at a later date. I also had some cherry tomatoes left over from the fall harvest so we had them too. I'm not all that fond of Swiss chard but it's a real survivor and it lasts until late in the season. I'm hearing kale is the same way so I'll grow some of that next year as well.
Oh, and my cabbages, brussell sprouts and broccoli are still thriving as well - they're just not ready to be harvested yet! I don't think anyone bothered to tell them that it's way past harvest time so I am just waiting to see what happens. Because most of the bugs are dead, the plants look gorgeous - no munched-away bits - so who knows? One thing I am learning from this is to never give up on your garden in this region. Admittedly, we planted early and late - the early stuff did not do well and the late stuff came from some cheap plants they were selling off at the grocery store and wasn't in the best of shape during the warmer seasons. Now that it's chilly, they seem to be quite happy and I do think the lack of insects is helping with that.
It's also not hurting the pansies and creeping myrtle, which are also still blooming in the front yard ...

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