Monday, November 21, 2011

Tires, Where art thou?

It's been a while since I purchased new winter tires - about four years - but I had no idea how much they went up in price. The only place that is affordable doesn't take appointments and when I showed up this morning at 9 am, they said to leave my car and they might get to it by 3 pm.
Er, no.
So I went to other places and got pretty much the same story - wait all day or make an appointment and pay almost double. The first place I mentioned is charging $435 - the place with appointments want $749. One guy told me when he shows up to work at 8 am, there's a crowd in the parking lot waiting - in lawn chairs. Are we talking winter tires here or tickets to a pop concert?
So what's a thrifty tea-drinker to do? I guess tomorrow morning, I'll be rolling out of bed at 6 am, having a bowl of oatmeal, dressing warmly and filling a thermal mug full of chocolate mint tea or maybe apple cidre to take my place in line at 7 am.
The things I'll do to save a pile of money!


  1. For that big of a difference, there's got to be quality/brand differences too. I paid a bit more than $125/tire last year plus installation... over $550 but other than the installation/removal fees each year, they should last quite a few winters. I'd rather pay more upfront and have them last longer.

    Good luck in line tomorrow!!