Thursday, November 24, 2011

Snowed In!

And 40 cm later, guess where I spent much of the day? In the driveway, shovelling for just over three hours. It's either that or spend a fortune getting it done. If I'm home, it's not so bad - I can take my time and do it at my own pace. I do hate it though when I'm working and it still has to be done - and yes, I will hire someone if necessary!
Drinking Upton's China Jasmine right now which is one of the few jasmines I enjoy since it's pretty mild and you can still taste the green tea. Just put in an order for my farmers market tea stall - the holidays are coming up and hopefully, everyone will be buying some tea - makes a nice gift, I think.

1 comment:

  1. We got about 20 cm here so not as bad... I saw coverage on the news about your area... definitely hit hard for the time of year.

    I'm lucky that my Dad opens the drive way with the tractor, although this morning I was gone before he came... managed to get out but I did spin and slip around a bit.

    Enjoy your new teas!