Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hot Chocolate Weather

Some seriously nasty winter weather is expected this afternoon and the first flakes of winter have begun falling in this neck of the woods. It's a perfect day for hot chocolate and this year, there's some new ones to try.
The most obvious are those peppermint hot chocolates from McDonald's. This is seriously bad news for those of us who are trying half-heartedly to keep the weight off. Hot chocolate, mint flavor, whipped cream and candy cane bits - what's not to love? It doesn't help that they've given away free coupons either - I could seriously drink one or two of these each day. There's also a peppermint mocha but for some reason, it's the peppermint hot chocolate for me - seriously good stuff.
The Bulk Barn has also started carrying some holiday hot chocolates - plain, mint and candy cane which is a minty white chocolate. I've tried the first two and they're both good, the peppermint especially. Besides the fantastic flavour, it's one of those few hot chocolates that dissolves well and doesn't leave you with a mouthful of floury lumps. I've also bought the candy cane white chocolate and haven't gotten around to trying it yet. I'm not as big a white hot chocolate fan but it does smell wonderful.
The Bulk Barn has also been selling apple cider and it's pretty good as well.
Have you ever tried chocolate mint tea? If you get a chance, you should. These tend to be black teas with chocolate and mint leaves added in. Metropolitan Tea does a wonderful one if you prefer loose and Stash does a great bagged one (I think it's an oolong) that's also worth trying. And for those who can't take the caffeine, Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane is available again - it's a decaf green tea that's flavored with a peppermint creme flavor.Also very good.
There's nothing like something hot, chocolately and/or minty on a chilly, damp wintery day!

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