Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In a jam!

The local grocery store has been having some odd sales this week. They have been selling containers of brand name hummus for 99 cents, as well as containers of fresh ricotta cheese for 99 cents. We usually make our own hummus but for 99 cents, I'm willing to give it a try - this stuff's almost as good as homemade. One ricotta has been made into an Italian cheesecake, which will be dessert tonight and other two have been earmarked for lasagna.
But the best buy of all have been containers of raspberries for 99 cents. Last week, the same size container was $4.99. One container has been consumed and the other five have just been turned into homemade raspberry jam - six bottles and a bit leftover for bread at lunch. With sugar, it averages to about $1 per 250 ml bottle - pretty good price, I think. I might even top tonight's cheesecake with a little drizzle of raspberries - yum!
Gotta love sales!

1 comment:

  1. Oh those are awesome sales! Ricotta here sells for well over $3/container. I did find raspberries on sale for $2, never thought of turning them into jam though. You did it for a great price!