Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stormy days

I haven't posted in a while; no particular reason - just didn't get around to it in the normal course of life. Yesterday was stormy here. Hurricane Earl dropped by. When he arrived, he came in the form of a tropical storm to this area, which was a huge relief. While tropical storms can be bad, this one was no worse than any of our usual storms. Lots of rain and wind but nothing truly out of the ordinary. Of course, other areas were much more affected but we got off lucky and for that I am grateful! Wind storms do worry me since I am surrounded by large trees but I may even want to rethink that concern. Yesterday, in the midst of it all when the winds were around 64 kph, a flicker sat on a branch in the corner of my backyard and looked decidedly unperturbed. Trees also serve as a windbreak and if this bird felt safe there, who am I to argue? When the winds died down, he flew away. However, we were lucky and even my neighbours and most of the people in the small city where I live lost their power. We didn't.
When a storm is coming, I make the usual preparation but there is one I never forget. I always boil a big thermos of boiling water - sometimes several. That way, if the power does go out, I can still make tea. Yesterday's cup was Winter Blend from It's black tea with almond, spices and maybe some orange - something like an orange spice but with more of an almond smoothness. A nice, comforting cup for a nasty, dark stormy day.

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