Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tea, tea, tea!

T'was a day for tea - lots of it! I've managed to try three new teas today and even more shocking, they were all good!
I visited my tea loving friend today and she gave me a bag of three teas to try and made me a pot of Tahitian Limeade Rooibos Tea by Teavana. This was interesting since it's a rooibos and I normally can't stand rooibos. This was really good with a subtle lime flavor that was really refreshing. Often lime can be quite overpowering so it was nice to have something was more laid back. I bet it would make a great iced tea.
When I got home, I tried one of my new teas, Teavana's Strawberry Slender Pu-Erh Tea. She gave it to me since it came to her as a gift and she's not a fan of strawberry teas - well, I am. I had it hot but it would also be nice iced. Suffice to say it's a strong black tea with loads of strawberry flavor - I thought it was absolutely delicious. What's even better is that she gave me a big bag of it so I'll have some for a while. She gave me a considerably smaller amount of Teaopia's Amaretto Cherry but I'll try to forgive her. That too was tasty - a black tea with cherry and almond flavoring. Not something I'd drink everyday but nice once in a while.
We also tried some of the Nestle's Intense dark chocolate, which was surprisingly good. It reminded me of the Dove promises that I used to pick up when travelling in the US - you couldn't and still can't get Dove chocolate around here. I went and bought a bar for myself afterwards. I also bought a piece of apple pie fudge - sounds disgusting but it's really good. Rich, creamy with chunks of apples and cinnamon. Good fall food, y'know!

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