Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yes, I drink tea(bags)

There now, my secret is out. I do drink teabags. I prefer loose, of course, but most of my tea these days is drunk at work and frankly, since I work around a lot of electronic equipment, it's preferred to keep tea and other drinks as far away as possible. A mug is bad enough but a mug and a teapot with lots of boiling water and leaves really isn't a good idea. So, I use teabags at work and loose at home. So this week, I broke down and ordered from Bigelow since their seasonal teas are exceptionally good - even if their shipping is overpriced compared to other companies. I ordered a case each (six boxes of 20 bags each) of peach green tea, Eggnoggin' and Apple Cider blend. I also ordered a box of six seasonal teas which included a pumpkin spice, one flavored with white chocolate, Gingersnappish and a cinnamon herb tea. Six boxes will end up in Christmas gift baskets while another two will go to a friend. That leaves me with 16 boxes - still more than I like but these teas are good until 2013 so I'll no doubt use them by then. So far I've tried the pumpkin spice - which is a surprisingly good black tea with spicy overtones - it would be nice with a touch of milk and sugar. I tried the white chocolate black tea today and immediately regretted not ordering a whole case - it's creamy, tasty and sweet even black. The apple cidre is a herbal blend - quite nice. Of course, Eggnoggin' is delish and for those who can't stomach green tea, give the peach green a try - it's pretty good.
I do live in an area where you can't buy these teas so even with the shipping and exchange, the prices averaged $4 a box or 20 cents a cup so it's still not a bad deal.

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