Monday, June 7, 2010

Rainy Weekend

It rained all weekend and last night, it thundered for hours - very unusual for around here! In fact, this part of the Maritimes is suppose to have the least amount of thunder storms in Canada. Last night ended that. Today, it looks as though it will rain even more but little matter.
I'm off!
I scored a day off work and I plan to waste it wisely. I've got some errands to do after I write this and I may pay a visit to the bank today but otherwise, I plan to do as little as possible and thanks to the weather, initial plans of lawn mowing and other garden activities will be curtailed. Electric lawn mowers tend not to be a good idea in torrential downpours.
I will be looking for new K-cups to try when I visit pretty much the only location around here that sells them later. I did try the Timothy's decaf Columbian again last night and again, I didn't like it, which is bizarre. I've really liked everything else from Timothy's - their teas are terrific. This decaf tastes like bad decaf that's been left on the burner for too long. Maybe I just got a bad box.
On Saturday I visited Value Village and hauled home a stash of English bone china tea cups and saucers - 3 cups, 4 saucers - for $10. I don't think anything has ever been used. I have a weakness for anything tea-ish, especially pretty cups. Right now I'm drinking a freshly opened sample of raspberry black loose tea from It's pretty good - you can taste the black tea and the raspberry equally. I think this would make an even better iced tea.

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