Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's been a while!

It's been a while since I've blogged. Yes, life has been busy enough to find it difficult to do a lot of things. But next Friday, I go on vacation - yippee! I am so looking forward to it. It's just a week, but it's a necessary one.
I've been drinking a lot of the Timothy's Chai Tea k-cups over the past week - it's really good. Probably one of the nicest morning cups of tea around. Today I managed to snag a box of Timothy's Earl Grey. I tried the Timothy's Kahlua the other day - don't bother. It had potential but it just doesn't work. Smells great though.
Right now, I'm drinking lavender butterfly, a green tea with lavender. It's surprisingly good. I think even people who don't like floral teas would like this one. It's available at
I'm still trying to eat as low-salt as I can. An employee lunch day from Subway and a family barbecue this week didn't help. Processed meats, sauces and bread are loaded with sodium so even a so-called healthy sandwich from the sub shop is a no-no. The barbecue - well, I won't even go there - let's just say I over-indulged. But barbecues only happen two or three times a year and I'm back on track today and yesterday. I am really surprised at how differently I feel when I eat low-salt and how I feel when I eat the regular stuff. Maybe I have a mild allergy to sodium - who knows. Let's just say the feeling is significant enough that I WANT to stay on this diet, even with its limitations. The lack of baked goods is a downer - I may have to order some salt-free products such as baking powder, baking soda and soup bouillion from the US since they don't seem to available in Canada - at least this part of Canada.


  1. It seems like a time of year where many are busy, with graduations, weddings, etc. Just one week and you can enjoy your vacation!!!

    I am not a tea drinker, did get an Earl Grey k-cup in my sample box and I'll give that to my mom. Have you tried the sugar bush maple ? That one's my favorite :-) I had read that the khalua (sp?) wasn't very good, so it's probably not a best seller.

    I'm really glad to hear your low-sodium "diet" is making you feel a lot better! I hope to go back to healthier eating when I start packing my lunch daily...

    Have a good Sunday :-)

  2. Haven't tried the sugar bush maple but it sounds really good - I may have to get a box!
    Packing lunches can certainly be healthier - the trick is to make it tasty enough so you're never tempted to put it aside and go for a greasy temptation! Such are the hazards of working in a building next to a fast-food restaurant .... I can skip the burgers and such but every so often, I do want fries or an ice cream.