Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bad Week For Everyone

Today seemed a little better, especially when I found out everyone else was having a bad week too! Misery does love company!
Of course, compounding the problem today was an overwhelming desire for salty foods (no-no for high blood pressure) and the fact they put a charity chocolate bar box in the lobby where I work. I ate ramen and blew 4 bucks on two bars, which are now safely tucked away in my desk for emergencies. Yeah, chocolate cravings are now considered to be an emergency. So much for healthy eating. I'll try again tomorrow. Lunch will be a peanut butter sandwich, clementine, blueberries and a granola bar.
Speaking of weird emergencies, this area lost cell, telephone and internet for two hours yesterday, due to a cable that was accidentally cut. Two hours. You'd swear by the way people were reacting, that their best friend had died. The Emergency Measures Organizations stepped in and police had to step up their patrols - I kid you not. Since when did losing the phone for an hour or two become an emergency? Personally, I found it to be a relief - I actually got some work done! I think people are much too fond of their phones these days. I use my cell phone as an emergency device and only turn it on when needed. I could live quite happily without it but on trips, it does make me feel a little better. But for the most part, it is a money waster. I much prefer to use a land line because the sound quality is so much better. The sound quality on most cells is so bad, I don't know how people can stand it. But then, I find MP3s and wav files pretty irritating too - I really do hear a difference and anything less than the best just doesn't cut it for me.
There are some things where I am really snobby and others that I could care less. Here's my snobby file:
1. quality tea, coffee and chocolate
2. sound quality on everything
3. grammar and punctuation in professionally produced books, magazines and newspapers.
4. Mac computers

My "Could Care Less" file
1. cars - as long as they run
2. garden weeds - dandelions are pretty!
3. books - I'll read just about anything!
4. music - I'll listen to anything - it just has to be done well
5. status products
What does your list include?

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