Sunday, January 2, 2011

Disciplined ... and wary!

So today, I look at my end of year pay stub and used it as the basis for my first honest-to-goodness budget. Discovered that I really need to make more money (duh - I already knew that) so I will have to look into that further. Decided maybe I should wait a while before getting a new car. And when I had everything planned and figured out, I went to visit a friend in the 11 year old car that has not given me a lick of trouble in an entire year.
Half-way through the 40 minute drive, the engine light comes on.
Hmmm ... maybe that brand spanking new budget is going to need some adjustment.
I got there safe and sound and got home safe and sound. But obviously, it's going to have to be checked. And if the repair is too high, I might be getting a new vehicle quicker than I had originally anticipated.
On the less expensive side, I did try a new tea today - an Arizona mandarin orange hot tea with ginseng. It tasted a bit artificial to me, although I do have to admit that I normally don't like drinks with ginseng in them.

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