Saturday, January 8, 2011

A week later ..

... and it's amazing how different everything looks. Last week at this time, I was swatting mosquitoes since we had no snow and it was still somewhat warm for the time of year. Today, it's a winter wonderland. Snow has been falling since yesterday but we also had some earlier in the week so there's lots out there now. At some point, I'm going to have to waddle out of my nice warm cocoon in here and shovel my driveway. I need the exercise but I'm really not in the mood. Who is ever in the mood to shovel snow?
I'm drinking some Russian Earl Gray from The Tea Table that was sent to me by Marlena, a fellow tea-loving blogster. I've been lazy in my tea explorations lately. I've just been making stuff that I already know I like and not trying anything new. If you like Earl Grey, you'll like this tea. It's a little different from the standard Earl Grey but nothing drastic. A little orange has been added so it ups the citrussy taste - which I like. A pleasant cup, especially for those of us who prefer a more citrus-based Earl Grey flavor. Some Earl Grays are just too perfumey for my taste.

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